The State of Queensland – statistically has the most home burglaries.

Criminals are looking for an “easy target”. There is a 99% chance that they will avoid your home after seeing that you have security cameras.

Many customers call AFTER crime has already taken place. Think BEFORE, act now, secure your home and family today!

Standard offer: Brand new set full HD 2MP cctv kit with 4 cameras and 1TB hard drive enough for almost 2 months of playback. All provided, installed and configured. Price 895$ all inclusive. Same day installation. 3 years warranty.

Indoor or outdoor, night vision, motion activated with alerts, computer and smartphone app for viewing.

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Call for all your security needs: cctv, motion detectors, installation, configuration and maintenance.

Phone/email support

Professional CCTV technician with years of experience, Licensed Security Firm (Class 2).

  • Residential

  • Light Commercial

  • Commercial

Residential installation cost for single story tile roof only in Brisbane metro and surrounding suburbs* cost $1800 4 cameras, NVR, cabling and installation.

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