Regulatory insurance condition on assets in transit.
Underpinned by the Weapons Act 1995 (Qld)
Security Providers Act 2003 (Qld)


Cash-in-Transit Brisbane , Sydney and Gold Coast Melbourne is the safe and secure movement of moneys, fiat currencies, precious metals and High-value cargo to and from a premise, to a bank, airport, Vault or a cash processing centre. Baird Bathers Protective Services offer a professional cash collection and a safe transportation service protecting businesses from all kinds of risks associated with handling cash.


BBPS can also offer specialist sorting, recycling and reconciliation services.


Our service levels are underpinned by industry regulations guiding all the actions we perform, and the decisions we take ; right from equipment to staffing. All of our staff are personally selected and fully vetted and are very much reliable, customer focused and professional. We also use advanced technology to provide the highest security to both valuables and staff. Our staff can handle all kinds of situations and circumstances, to make cash as well as valuable asset transfers safe and sound through our Cash in Transit services Brisbane, Sydney Goldcoast Melbourne.


At every phase of transportation, we ensure to follow  specific processes guaranteeing optimum service to all our customers. Operations are performed 365 days by our professionally trained guards when doing cash in transit for deterring armed robbers at bay.


At Baird Bathers Protective Services, we tailor the collection charges for accommodating the business needs.


Our Cash in Transit services include:

  • Pre determined pick up and drop off location
  • Same day delivery
  • Change delivery
  • Merchandise transit
  • Security seals and bags
  • Site risk assessment